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Thursday 26th OF SEPTEMBER, 2019 :


7:00 Arrival

7:30-8:20 Breakfast session by Olympus: VATS Segmentectomy with 4K technology – Shanda Blackmon, Rochester, USA

8:20-8:30 Welcome and general presentation – Shanda Blackmon, Rochester, USA & Nasser Altorki, New York, USA

SESSION 1 : Sublobar resection: Indications

Moderators : Dominique Gossot

8:30-8:40 Introduction State of the art – Shanda Blackmon, Rochester, USA

8:40-8:50 for GGO ? – Alan Sihoe, Hong Kong, China

8:50-9:00 for solid NSCLC: What is the limit ? – Brendon Stiles, New York, USA

9:00-9:10 for synchronous and metachronous NSCLC whatever the size ? – Josh Sonnet, New York, USA

9:10-9:20 for fit or fragile patient ? – Herbert Decaluwé, Leuven, Belgium

9:20-9:40 SLR for metastatases ? – René Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

9:40-9:50 Situations where wedge is preferable ? – Nasser Altorki,
New York, USA

9:50-10:00 Lymph node dissection during SLR: when and how – Agathe Seguin, Paris, France

10:00-10:10 The pathologist standpoint: intraoperative examination (frozen section for GGO ? LN examination, margins…) – Alain Borczuk, New York, USA 

10:10-10:15 Discussion Round table and exchange with the audience

10:15-10:45 Break

SESSION 2 : Competing techniques

Moderators : Josh Sonnet & Herbert Decaluwe

10:45-10:55 SBRT – Nicholas Sanfilippo, New York, USA

10:55-11:05 MWA – Kazuhiro Yasufuku, Toronto, Canada

11:05-11:15 Transthoracic cryoablation – Bradley Pua, New York, USA

11:15-11:25  Bronchoscopic ablation – Kelvin Lau, London, UK

11:25-11:35 SLR or competiting techniques: situation in Asia – Alan Sihoe,
Hong Kong, China

11:35-11:45 Discussion Round table and exchange with the audience

SESSION 3 : Basic considerations

Moderators : Alan Sihoe & Kelvin Lau

11:45-12:05  Understanding the nomenclature of pulmonary segments and anatomical variations the surgeon must know (technical implications) – Dominique Gossot, Paris, France

12:05-12:15 3D Modeling – Hiroyuki Oizumi, Yamagata, Japan

12:15-12:25 3D Printing – Shanda Blackmon, Rochester, USA

12:25-12:35 Discussion Round table and exchange with the audience

12:35-2:15 Lunch Symposium by Medtronic: Early Detection and Treatment of Lung Cancer in 2019 –Michael Liptay, Chicago, USA

SESSION 4 : Technique: new tricks for nodule localization

Moderators : Robert Cerfolio & Masayuki Chida

2:15-2:25 Preoperative localization of the target nodule – Hiroyuki Oizumi, Yamagata, Japan

2:25-2:30 Transbonchial localization of the target nodule – William Bolton, Greenville, USA

2:30-2:35 Solid marker for nodule localization – René Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark 

2:35-2:45 Preoperative marking of the target segment (VAL-MAP) – Masaaki Sato, Tokyo, Japan

2:45-2:30 Discussion Round table and exchange with the audience

3:00-3:20 Session by Philips: The Philips Hybrid OR: how to find small, non-palpable lesions and confidently perform iVATS resections – Kelvin Lau, London, UK

3:20-3:45 Break

SESSION 5 : Difficulties & complications

Moderators : Kazuhiro Yasufuku & Alex Brunelli

3:45-4:00  Managing prolonged air-leak: why and how ? – René Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

4:00-4:10 Torsions and postoperative ischemia – Dominique Gossot, Paris, France

4:10-4:20 Consequences of stapling on adjacent remaining parenchyma – Rossela Potenza, Perugia, Italy

4:20-4:30 Vascular and bronchial tears – Scott Swanson, Boston, USA

4:30-4:40 Target nodule not found – Robert Cerfolio, New York, USA

4:40-4:50 Discussion Round table and exchange with the audience

SESSION 6 : Video session

Moderators : Nasser Altorki & Masaaki Sato

4:50-5:00 Sup Seg-Sparing Basilar (S+7+8+9+10) – Masayuki Chida, Tochigi, Japan

5:00-5:10 Lower lobe S8 and S7+8 – Hiroyuki Oizumi, Yamagata, Japan

5:10-5:20 Subsegmentectomies – Masaaki Sato, Tokyo, Japan

5:20-5:30 Individual Lower lobe Segments: S10 and S9+10 – Thomas D’Amico, Durham, USA

5:30-5:40 Sleeve segmentectomies – Jianxing He, Guangzou, China

5:40 End


Friday 27TH OF SEPTEMBER, 2019

Joined session hosted by the Internation Thoracic Surgical Oncology Summit – AATS

SESSION 7 : General considerations

Moderators : René Petersen & Shanda Blackmon

2:00-2:05 Brief introduction by D. Jones and D. Gossot

2:05-2:15 SLR for stage I NSCLC: what we know from ongoing trials – Nasser Altorki, New York, USA

2:15-2:25 SLR: a surgeon view – Dominique Gossot, Paris, France

2:25-2:35 What are requirements for an oncologically sound SLR procedure? – Brendon Stiles, New York, USA

2:35-2:45 SLR : Cardio-respiratory function and SLR: can we lower the limits ? – Alex Brunelli, Leeds, UK

2:45-2:50 Discussion Round table & exchange with the audience

SESSION 8 : Technique: Intraoperative technical points

Moderators : Hiroyuki Oizumi & Agathe Seguin

2:50-2:55 Determining the intersegmental plane (ISP) by ventilation recruitment – Herbert Decaluwé, Leuwen, Belgium

2:55-3:00 Determining ISP by pulmonary labelling using indocyanine green – Dominique Gossot, Paris, France

3:00-3:05 Division of the ISP: stapling and/or using energy devices – Masayuki Chida, Tochigi, Japan

3:05-3:10 How to deal with the intersegmental vein ? – Masaaki Sato, Tokyo, Japan

3:10-3:15 Round table and exchange with the audience

3:15-3:30 BREAK

SESSION 9 : Abstract session

Moderators : Nasser Altorki & Joel Dunning

3:30-3:45 Abstract 1 : Inter-Segmental Veins and the Inflation-Deflation Line Help Identify the Inter-Segmental Plane During Thorascopic Lung Segmentoctomy for Undetectible Tumors –
Hirohisa Kato, Yamagata, Japan

3:45-4:00 Abstract 2 : Feasibility of Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy Guided Lung Resection for Pulmonary Ground Glass Opacity Nodule – Sung Joon Han, Seoul, South Korea

4:00-4:15 Abstract 3 : Survival Outcome After Thorascopic Segmentectomy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study at a Single Institute – Jun Suzuki, Yamagata, Japan

SESSION 10 : Images & video session

Moderators : Nasser Altorki & Joel Dunning

4:15-4:25 Lingulectomy S4+5 – Joel Dunning, Middlesbrough, UK

4:25- 4:35 Upper lobe anterior segment (S3) – René Petersen,
Copenhagen, Denmark

4:35-4:45 Upper lobe apical segment (S1) – Scott Swanson, Boston, USA

4:45-4:55 Posterior S2 & apico posterior S1+2 – Dominique Gossot,
Paris, France

 4:55-5:10 What I will keep from these two days – Joel Dunning,
Middlesbrough, UK

 5:10-5:15 Conclusion and announcement of the 3rd conference –
Hiroyuki Oizumi, Yamagata, Japan

5:15 END of the symposium